Dawah Training

We know that with Islam being such a controversial religion in this era, our brothers and sisters in the West often-times find themselves on the defensive, and as a result may find themselves wishing they were better equipped to argue for their religion’s sake in response. However, this faith is ultimately above apologetics, and we are instead enjoined upon to invite to it graciously in the most beautiful manner as if it were a welcoming home rather than stand at its gate as if it were a tower, wary of the offensive. True to our slogan, Islam Care Centre for its part has been involved in dawah since the beginning, and in this tradition we remain. For those of our brothers who are of a diplomatic bent, we invite you to come train with us on the best ways to “Invite to the Way of Your Lord” every Friday at 6 PM. God speed and may Allah endow you all with wisdom!

WHEN and where?

Friday at 6:00 pm, at Islam Care Centre