About Us

Who We Are

For 27 years, Islam Care Centre has supported Muslims in downtown Ottawa, Canada. 

As the only organization in the city with a focus on dawah (offering Islamic information), we work in many areas supporting Muslims in our city.  You can come to us to learn about Islam, get pamphlets and books on Islam, offer prayers together and help assist the poor and needy of our city.

How we Work

Islam Care Centre works to help support Islam and Muslims in Ottawa through the social, spiritual and mental health aspects of daily life.

We have a dedicated board, a compact work force, and a large group of amazing volunteers who help run our programs.  Our partners throughout the city offer a variety of services to empower, uplift and create ease in the lives of Muslims in our city.

While we wait to open our new building, we are still active planning and supporting our brothers and sisters the best way we know how: with care.

Our History

Islam Care Centre started in 1993 as the ‘Dawah Centre’ of downtown Ottawa. The storefront space held an office, walls lined with books for reading and borrowing, and two hallways in which to offer prayers.

We moved to the building at 312 Lisgar Street and with the expanded space, our programs and services expanded. We began offering Arabic classes, and had much more room for prayers, including a sister’s prayer area. The location offered us the same ability to meet and greet people interested in Islam, and to support new Muslims. Iftars, Eid celebrations, regular classes and lectures were held at this location for years.

With a view to updating the building and building literally from the ground up, Islam Care Centre demolished the old building to make room for the new building project. While we have not yet broken ground, we are excited to have a new home where we can help you even more than ever before. Learn more about the exciting new building here. (insert link to rebuild page)


Providing the Ottawa Muslim community with the resources they need to thrive as Muslims in Ottawa, Islam Care Centre focuses on religious, social and mental health services.


We hope to become a hub of services and resources of benefit to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, giving dawah by word, materials, and personal example.